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Marcie has one of the very few professional grooming schools in Wisconsin and offers the only hands-on curriculum of this caliber.  All of the groomers working for Marcie’s Pet Spa’s three locations have completed school, and so many more have graduated and gone on to work at other grooming salons across the state. Teaching grooming is genuinely Marcie’s passion, and she ensures every student gets an extensive, hands-on learning curriculum, taught and supervised by Marcie alongside her experienced instructors.

What do we teach?

Marcie’s grooming school curriculum covers everything needed to become a successful groomer, presents grooming as a lifelong career, and emphasizes building genuine relationships with each dog. Marcie not only teaches the technical skills of grooming, but also important life skills such as building confidence and effective communication. Marcie’s grooming school generally lasts 6 months, but ultimately depends on the individual’s learning ability.


Our Future

If you’re wondering what the future of Marcie’s Grooming School looks like,  we are expanding to our other locations! We have an instructor at each location (West Salem, Sparta, and Ripon), and Marcie travels to each to help teach the grooming students too. Stay tuned for updates!

What You'll Get

Once the student graduates they receive their official Professional Dog Grooming Certificate and are prepared for a career in professional dog grooming. Call or visit our website to learn more about grooming school!

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The majority of Marcie’s Grooming School graduates are now working as groomers for us, however, we also teach students for other grooming salons! We make sure to stay in touch to see that each groomer is trained to meet their salon’s needs upon graduation

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A Different Kind of Grooming School

Marcie's Pet Spa Grooming School is a different kind of "school." We teach you how to groom, of course, but we also teach you the life skills you will need to become a successful groomer. This includes teaching the skills needed to groom a dog that will look good and feel great, as well as how to build relationships with clients that are meaningful and lasting. 

Grooming School Culture

Your instructor, Marcie Culver, has over 20 years of grooming experience, and has built a successful pet spa business that has grown to three locations. You will spend 6 months learning the basics of dog handling, grooming skills, and how to build relationships with both dogs and people. Also, and most importantly, you will have FUN while learning. 

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The tuition cost is $12,000 and includes the guarantee that you will be able to groom on your own upon completion of the course.

We will provide students with all the equipment they need! This beginning kit of grooming supplies is included in the cost of tuition.

The 6-month grooming school course will take place 3 days per week.

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For More Information On Attending Grooming School, Contact Marcie Culver @ (920) 896-0900 -or-

Meet our instructors



Sam specializes in teaching the brushing and bathing curriculum...

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Rachel specializes in teaching the finishing curriculum such as scissoring and clipper work

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