1. What vaccines are required to attend the Pet Spa: 

For the safety of your dog, and all the dogs that attend Marcie’s Pet Spa, the following are required and/or recommended:


-Rabies (Required)

-Distemper/DHLPP (Required)

-Bordatella/Kennel Cough (Strongly Recommended) 

-Flea & Tick Preventative (Strongly Recommended) 

-Heartworm Prevention (Strongly Recommended) 


-Rabies (Required) 

-Distemper/DHLPP (Required) 

-Bordatella/Kennel Cough (Required) 

-Flea & Tick Preventative – Year Round (Required) 

-Heartworm Preventative – Year Round (Required)

-Canine Flu Vaccine (Recommended) 

2. What do I need to bring for my dog when they stay overnight? 

You are only required to bring your dog’s food. We have lots of bowls, and comfy beds & blankets. But, if your best bud loves a certain bed, blanket, or treats & toys from home, feel free to send them along! Anything to make their stay with us more comfortable is always welcome.

3. What does grooming include? 

A basic groom includes bathing, nails trimmed, ears cleaned out, and any trimming requested. You can add services to your dog’s groom such as de-shedding treatment, teeth brushing, nail painting, etc. 

4. What are the age requirements for daycare? 

Your pup must be 2 weeks past their second round of distemper vaccine in order to attend daycare. 

5. Do you require dogs to be spayed or neutered? 

In order to attend daycare, a male dog must be neutered once they are 8 months old. A female does not need to be spayed, but cannot attend when they are in heat. 

6. What are the benefits of a daycare environment? 

There are many benefits of socializing your dog early and often.  Dogs are social animals, and when they are in a daycare environment, they learn how to be a calm member of a healthy and balanced pack. The exercise and mental stimulation of a doggie daycare help your dog become a well-balanced, focused, and calm pack member in your home as well!

Also, inevitably, you’ll have to board your dog someday. Your dog, and you, will be much less anxious to leave your dog if you know they are getting exercise and social playtime while you are away! The earlier you begin to socialize your pup, the easier life will be on you AND your dog. 

7. Can my dog still stay overnight if they are not daycare-appropriate? 

Absolutely. Your dog is welcome to stay with us even if they cannot attend daycare. They will stay in their 5x5 suite with lots of toys, blankets, and a raised bed. They will be let out and/or walked 5+ times each day.