At Marcie's Pet Spa we treat every dog and kitty with an equal amount of love and care. Each pet that stays with us is treated like one of our own family members. We include a 12 hour day of daycare with each day of dog boarding, because we know that when you are on vacation, your dog deserves a little PLAYcation of their own. The 25 square foot suites are ideal for all dogs to comfortably eat and sleep well in. We provide raised beds with a soft and cozy fleece lined pad  aromatherapy, and calming music. Of course, after a full day of daycare, the pups are usually so exhausted that they eat and are immediately off to dream the night away! Plus...we post photos and videos to our Facebook page each day, so you can keep an eye on all the fun your dog is having while you are away!

ALL INCLUSIVE Promise: We want our puppies' & kitties' moms & dads to be able to see how their babies are doing while they are at the Spa. We post pictures and videos all day long to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat {Snapchat name = @thepetspa}.


$45/night (Includes 2 full days of daycare;  lots of love, attention and free snuggles, and pictures/videos for all of our guests).

Pick up and drop off available!


Monday-Friday: 6:30AM-6PM

Saturday: 9AM-5PM 

Sunday: 9AM-7PM

*All of our boarding guests DO get 12 hours of daycare each day included in the boarding price...even on Sundays!


Our All-Inclusive dog daycare facility was designed with your best bud's best interest in mind! We want your dog to feel as close to home as possible while staying with us, except for with a whole lot of friends to share their living room with! Our exceptionally trained staff will play and snuggle with your dog all day long. We have an abundance of toys, couches, and beds to make sure each dog has a great time while they are here. We know they'll be begging to come back once they've experienced our daycare! We have designed the facility, both outdoor & indoor, with each dog's safety first in our mind.  The K9 Grass turf that covers the back yard is the highest standard in the industry, with a woven texture that allows for the most sanitary and comfortable environment for our furry friends!

ALL INCLUSIVE Promise: We want our puppies' & kitties' moms & dads to be able to see how their babies are doing while they are at the Spa. We post pictures and videos all day long to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat {Snapchat name = @thepetspa}. 


Full Day: $23

Half Day (up to 6 hours): $16/day

Daycare Package: Buy 10 days, get 1 FREE!

Each additional dog: $18/day


Monday- Friday: 6:30AM-6PM

Saturday: 8AM-5PM

Sunday: 9AM-7PM


Below you will find guidelines on how much we charge for our dog and cat grooming services. Prices may vary a bit based on coat condition, prominent mix breed type, and if you choose to add on any extras to your service. All bath and grooming dog services include nail trimming, paw beds cleaned out, ear cleaning and glands cleaned. 

Here at Marcie's Pet Spa we also offer a half-groom service to help with the up-keep between full grooms. Half grooms are $35 for small and $40-$45 for medium dogs (Doodles are priced according to each dog, please consult your groomer).  Half grooms are offered at the discretion of your groomer, to ensure your dogs coat condition is maintained and will not be matted.  What's included: Bath, Brush, Ears, Nails, Feet & Sanitary trim (No hair cutting on the body is done at this time). Trimming by their eyes is available upon request, however a full face trim would be an additional cost. 

ESTIMATED PRICING: (Talk with a groomer for exact pricing)

Cat Grooming: $50-$90

Small Dogs (Ex: Yorkies, Shih-tzus, Teddy Bears):  $42-$45

Medium Dogs (Ex: Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzers, Springer Spaniel): $45-$60

Large Dogs (Golden Retriever, Husky): $60-$80

Extra Large Dogs (Newfoundland, Mastiff, St. Bernard): $75-$110+

Labrador Baths: $35-$45

*Doodle prices vary by size, coat type, coat condition, and haircut desired. Please stop in or call for an accurate estimate. 


De-Shedding Treatment: $10 short hair / $15 long hair

Glands: $15 (No Grooming)

Dremel Nails: $8 with grooming; $18 with no grooming

Flea Bath: $20

Nail Trim: $14

Teeth Brushing: $10 

Nail Painting: $10

We also offer temporary and semi-permanent hair coloring for your pet. Prices are based off of design, type, and time needed. Please contact us for a quote!


Tracy Harper is the owner of Happy Tails Training Center, located in the downstairs area of Marcie's Pet Spa. Tracy has over 35 years training and competing dogs at all levels of obedience and rally.  Additionally, for the past 15 years she has trained and competed dogs in Hunt Tests. Creative, positive, fun solutions are her specialty


A.K.C. STAR PUPPY CLASS (3 to 6 months)

Get off to a great start! This class focuses on Social Skills, and setting the foundation for a well-mannered dog.  Puppies build confidence, handlers learn how to better communicate with their puppy to avoid common 'bad manners'.


Play well with others! The Basic Manners learned will be reinforced, so that your dog is consistently responding to cues and commands.  Additionally, this class will help your dog build social skills to: Accept a friendly stranger, allow grooming, walk nicely on a loose leash, walk through crowds of people and dogs, sit/stay, come when called, sit nicely for a stranger, and to be nice when meeting another dog.  There are 10 skills on the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test, when your dog demonstrates all 10, your dog will be awarded a certificate from AKC!

BASIC MANNERS CLASS (6 months & older)

This class will help build upon the skills learned in Puppy Class and/or help to build new skills for better manners in adult dogs.   Basic manners include, four paws on the ground!,sit/stay, come when called, walk nicely on leash.