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Trimming the Fur


Grooming Pricing

Please Note

Prices may vary based on several factors, including coat condition, prominent mixed breed type, and if you choose to add on any extra services.

Below you will find guidelines and estimated pricing for our dog and cat grooming services. Our standard grooming service includes a bath, brush out, nail trimming, paw beds cleaned out, ear cleaning, glands expressed, and a haircut.

We also...

We also offer a half groom service to help with the up-keep between full grooms. Half grooms are offered at the discretion of your groomer, to ensure your dog's coat condition is maintained and will not become matted. A half groom includes a bath, brush out, nail trimming, paw beds cleaned out, ear cleaning, glands expressed, and facial, paw, and sanitary trimming. No hair cutting on the rest of the body is done at this time. Half grooms are only suitable for select breeds.

Puppy Play_edited_edited.png


Teddy Bear Asian Fusion.jpg

Small Dogs


(Yorkie, Shih-tzu, Teddy Bear, etc.)

Sam's cute little doodle.jpg

Medium Dogs


(Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer, Springer Spaniel, etc.)


Large Dogs


(Golden Retriever, Husky, etc.)

Black and White dog before (1).jpg

Extra Large Dogs


(Newfoundland, Mastiff, St. Bernard, etc.)

Frenchie with bowtie.jpg

Short Haired Bath Dogs


Labradors, Beagles, Great Danes, etc.

*Prices vary by size, age, coat type, coat condition, haircut desired, add-on services, etc. Please stop in with your dog for a more accurate price estimate from one of our fabulous groomers!

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*These are ADD-ONS to the regular grooming services

daycare fun on slide (1).jpg

Day Care Add On


Pretty samoyed.jpg

Express Groom


Matted dog.jpg

Matting Fee


Flea bath.jpg

Flea Bath


* These prices are added to the base grooming price.


Use for cat grooming (3).jpg

Bath, Brush, & Haircut


Use for cat grooming (2).jpg

Bath & Brush


Use for cat grooming.jpg

Brush Out


Cat nail caps.jpg

Nail Caps


Cat Nail Trim.jpg

Nail Trim


*We do NOT sedate cats to groom them


*These are individual services that can NOT be add-ons to the regular grooming service. We accept walk-ins for these services on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, or appointments can be scheduled for any day of the week.

Anal Gland Expression


Ear Cleaning


Face Trim


Teeth Brushing


A La Carte (Individual Services)

We also post daily photos and videos to our social media pages, so you can keep an eye on all the fun your pet is having while you are away!

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