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Each of our groomers in West Salem have been through Marcie’s Grooming School and are Certified Professional Groomers. Every groomer is well versed in all different breeds, ages, styles, and temperaments, and have groomed a variety of dog types. They always do their best to meet both you and your furry friend’s needs! All of our groomers show your fur baby love and have the utmost patience with them. Whether it’s a brand new puppy, a senior dog that’s had some bad experiences, and everyone in between, they handle each one as if it were their own. Please keep in mind, it’s good to stick with the same groomer as they build a relationship with not only you, but your dog!

Marcie Culver

Marcie has over twenty years of grooming experience! She first opened her business over 17 years ago, grooming by herself in a little shop in downtown West Salem. She quickly grew her client base, added boarding and daycare services, and outgrew three downtown West Salem locations, before opening her fourth and current building in West Salem. Marcie didn’t stop there; she opened a second and third location in Ripon, and Sparta, respectively. Today Marcie has nearly 70 employees working for her business, and she still grooms at all three locations, along with teaching her professional grooming school. She has 15 groomers who currently work for her, and all of them have been trained through Marcie’s grooming school. 

Marcie in daycare.jpg

Grooming is Marcie’s passion, and she’s happiest when she can work alongside her groomers in each of her salons. When she’s not working Marcie loves to spend time outdoors kayaking, hiking, feeding her birds, relaxing in her hot tub, and having campfires in her backyard. She also loves to work out, does hot yoga, and teaches spinning classes. Marcie has three dogs, Olaf (a Great Pyrenees), Penny a (miniature poodle), and Taz (a Yorkie), plus her cat Vino. Most important in her life are her two sons, Nolan and Adam, and her partner JR. Each is involved in her business, managing the properties, finances, and other business operations. With the help of her family, Marcie’s Pet Spa continues to grow.


Courtney Langrehr

Courtney, our grooming manager, has three years of experience as a professional dog groomer. Courtney’s love for dogs created her passion for grooming! For your playful puppies and your senior companions, Courtney is your go-to groomer. She has two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, named Reese and Gibby, who enjoy spending their days in the grooming room! Courtney has a huge heart and strives to meet the needs of every dog she has on her table! If your senior friend is in need of a "comfort" or an express groom, Court would love to take care of them.

Rachel Howe

Rachel Howe

Rachel has been a professional dog and cat groomer with us for over four years and is also a teacher in our grooming school. She has two very spoiled kitties of her own and loves animals of all shapes and sizes. She strives to meet the needs of both your canine and feline friends! Rachel takes pride in helping your furry friends look and feel they’re best- specializing in many different breed trims and adorable teddy bear haircuts. She also takes extra care adjusting puppies, seniors, or anxious pups to the grooming experience.

IMG_9591_ (1).jpg

Louise Wood

Louise has been a professional dog groomer for a couple of years now. Her love for dogs is no understatement! She enjoys finding ways to positively connect with all of her four-legged friends! She has a two-year-old (going on three) border collie mix named Alice who loves chest rubs and coming to work with her mom. Louise likes to take time with her clients to ensure a quality groom and a happy pet!

Anna Dockham

Anna is in her second year as a professional dog groomer. Her fun personality and artistic nature make her a perfect fit for your four-legged family member! She likes to take the time to form a bond with your pet throughout the grooming process. Anna has a lab puppy named Butter and a goldendoodle named Tucker who she loves dearly! Anna’s calm nature and her compassion for all pets ensure your pup will be in good hands!


Kristin Schaefer

Kristin is in her second year as a professional dog groomer. Loving animals is second nature to Kristin. Her bright personality and caring heart allow her to quickly connect with every dog on her table. While in school, Kristin groomed a doodle from the humane society, named Bennie, and they were instantly attached! Kristin now has two doodles, Georgie and Bennie, along with a cat and a few horses! Kristin is the perfect fit for many dogs of varying breeds, ages, and sizes.

*Feel free to contact us for more information regarding which groomer we think would be the best fit for your fur baby!

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