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Each of our groomers in Ripon have been through Marcie’s Grooming School and are Certified Professional Groomers. Every groomer is well versed in all different breeds, ages, styles, and temperaments, and have groomed a variety of dog types. They always do their best to meet both you and your furry friend’s needs! All of our groomers show your fur baby love and have the utmost patience with them. Whether it’s a brand new puppy, a senior dog that’s had some bad experiences, and everyone in between, they handle each one as if it were their own. Please keep in mind, it’s good to stick with the same groomer as they build a relationship with not only you, but your dog!

Kylie Roehl

Kylie is our building manager and one of our amazing groomers! Kylie started Marcie's Grooming School in the summer of 2019; the summer before she started her Senior year of high school. Grooming quickly became her passion and she took on the title of our Specialty Groomer. Kylie can do many difficult haircuts and styles that not many groomers are comfortable with. Kylie loves all dogs (big, small, fluffy, and flat-coated), but her gentle nature and amazing patience helps when she works on some of her favorite kinds of dogs: puppies, rescues, and seniors. Kylie has three pups of her own: Zoe (an Akita mix), Quinn (an elkhound), and Jasper (a pomeranian mix that you may have seen at the spa showing off some brightly colored fur), as well as a kitty named Tommy. Kylie is constantly striving to learn more grooming techniques and improve upon those she already has.


Destiny Knuth

Destiny grew up around animals and has always been a huge animal lover. She had tried a few different types of jobs but realized that she wanted to work with dogs, so she began her journey by going to grooming school in 2022. Becoming a groomer has pushed her out of her comfort zone and even helped her improve her people skills. Choosing to work for Marcie has been her best decision, and she loves her job! Destiny can groom almost any dog who comes into the spa, but if you have a golden retriever or a German shepherd who needs a groom, Destiny is your girl! She hopes to progress into more complex grooms, such as poodles, in the future, as well as other complex breed cuts. When not at the spa loving on all your pets, Destiny gets to spend time at home with her German shepherd, Argo, and one day she would love to add a golden retriever to her family.

Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones

Samantha is starting her second year as a professional dog groomer and is strongly interested in continuing her education in the evergrowing dog grooming industry. She utilizes the new skills she has learned and teaches them, alongside Marcie, to the grooming students. Samantha has a special talent for teaching the art of grooming, is a teacher for Marcie’s grooming school, and does well with all types of breeds. With Samatha’s strong attention to detail in her work, you will not be disappointed. Samantha has two long-haired dachshunds, Macey and River, whom she adores. She would love to get the chance to pamper your pets!

Morgan (1).jpg

Morgan Stommel

Morgan has been around animals her entire life, but her love of grooming began after a job shadow during her Sophomore year of high school, and during the summer of 2019 she began bathing dogs. Morgan graduated high school in 2020, began grooming school the next day, and graduated grooming school during that summer. She has an amazing talent when it comes to grooming smaller dog breeds, but plans to continue expanding her knowledge of different breeds and their haircuts. She also recently began experimenting with adding color to some of her grooming dogs and would love to continue learning more dying techniques. Morgan loves all dogs but would especially love to own a dachshund one day. However, for now, she has her hands full with her mom's dog, Bacardi, her python, Cheesecake, and her leopard gecko, Squishy.

*Feel free to contact us for more information regarding which groomer we think would be the best fit for your fur baby!

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