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Each of our groomers in Sparta have been through Marcie’s Grooming School and are Certified Professional Groomers. Every groomer is well versed in all different breeds, ages, styles, and temperaments, and have groomed a variety of dog types. They always do their best to meet both you and your furry friend’s needs! All of our groomers show your fur baby love and have the utmost patience with them. Whether it’s a brand new puppy, a senior dog that’s had some bad experiences, and everyone in between, they handle each one as if it were their own. Please keep in mind, it’s good to stick with the same groomer as they build a relationship with not only you, but your dog!

Tracy McKenzie

Tracy has been grooming for Marcie’s Pet Spa for about eight years and counting! Although she started at the West Salem location, when Marcie opened the Sparta location, Tracy was the very first employee there. She ran the entire business, living on the property and caring for the grounds and all the grooming and boarding dogs! Although she has a staff and other managers to help now, Tracy’s still busy grooming away and caring for the boarding dogs.


As quite the animal lover, Tracy has three dogs of her own, Blue, Tater, and Karma, along with her horses. When she’s not working or with her animals, Tracy’s free time is spent with her grandkids. She has a love for grooming, loves the dogs she gets to take care of, and enjoys meeting all our clients! Tracy is sure to accommodate each of our four-legged guest's needs, whether that’s a good clean up, a perfectly planned playgroup, or a cozy kennel set up to sleep in; your pet is sure to be loved and pampered with Tracy around. 


Angel Vang

Angel has always had a love for dogs, which is why she originally started working in Marcie’s daycare. She loved being in daycare and the relationships she created with all the dogs. Being in the doggy daycare environment helped Angel realize her dream was to work with dogs as a lifelong career. She has four dogs (or children if you ask her!), Hazel (an eight-year-old Mini Aussie), Archie (a six-year-old Shiba Inu/American Eskimo), Cleo (a two-year-old Pittie mix), And Tina (a one-year-old Mutt). Angel rescued the last three, and all four are the loves of her life. Angel’s love for all dogs allows her to care for the dogs she grooms as if they were her own. Angel has a special place in her heart for little dogs and loves grooming them, especially shitzus! 

Celia Richards

Celia is a February grooming school attendee. You will find her currently working in the front office at our Sparta location, however, she has experience in daycare and boarding settings as well and she’s excited to be joining the grooming team soon! She lovingly refers to the pups as her friends and aims to treat them as such. She has one pup of her own, Armin. He’s a two-year-old Mini Australian Shepherd and he is a spoiled only child. When she’s not working or at grooming school Celia loves reading and listening to music; she’s a big Taylor Swift fan!


*Feel free to contact us for more information regarding which groomer we think would be the best fit for your fur baby!

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